Gateway Resorts - Paradise getaways scam

Stafford Springs, Connecticut 1 comment

This company has repeatedly called me and when I asked them not to call and asked if they were bound by the do not call registry they said I was talking myself out of a good deal.The caller was "kenee crawford" of paradise getaways aka Orlando Vacations and Getaways aka Sunshine Time Shares.

The Sunshine company has called several times as well asking me to sell my timeshare which I have come to learn is a scam as well. I have my number registered on the do not call registry since Aug 2008. These companies are in violation of the do not call regisrty and should be reported if they contact you unsolicited.

DON'T FALL FOR THESE SCAMS!!!Check out the florida attorney general website so you don't fall victim



This is a scam stay away from these people.

They never answer their phone no matter what time you call them when they are suppose to be there.The same person has a recording for each department.

A reputable company would have hours for each day of week. They just say 9-5 no days listed. Also the same person would not have a recording for each department. This is a SCAM.

We are on the do not call list.They are not with the Better Business Bureau as reputable.

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